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Your present location:Home >> All Products >> GZQ (GZR) series vibration fluidized bed drying (cooling) machine >> GZQ (GZR) series vibration fluidized
  • Name:GZQ (GZR) series vibration fluidized
  • Product ID:cf01
  • Register Date:2015-04-30
  • Views:618

First, the working principle
The so-called fluidized bed vibration is applied to the vibration made on the basis of ordinary fluidized bed. Vibration fluidized bed dryer is exciting force generated by the vibration motor of the machine vibration, the material being processed is the role that a given direction exciting force jump forward, while at the bottom of a fluidized bed of hot air input so that the material in a fluidized state. Full contact with hot material to achieve the desired drying effect.
Second, the main technical parameters
1. Working amplitude is 0 ~ 3.2mm
2. Operating frequency deviation of ± 0.3Hz
3. Host Noise: When the fluidized bed distributor plate, is less than or equal to 2.7m2, the noise is not greater than 80dB, more than 2.7m2, the noise is not greater than 85dB
4. Motor surface temperature: When the host idling four hours, no higher than 60 ℃
5. The dry strength: When to a particle size of 1.6 ~ 3.5mm quartz sand, when under specified test conditions, dry strength of not less than 40kgH2O / hm2


Three characteristics
△ liquefied uniform and stable, no death bed and broken phenomenon can obtain uniform drying (cooling) of products.
△ vibration source of the vibration motor, smooth operation, easy maintenance, low noise and long equipment life.
△ adjustable resistance, material thickness, and material changes in the machine travel time and amplitude of the machine can achieve stepless adjustment within the design range.
△ wide adaptation of different specific gravity, particle size, moisture content, water content in the form of material can apply.
△ little damage on the surface of the material can be used for drying fragile materials, material particles irregular not affect work results.
△ working environment is clean, continuous operation.
△ heating direct heating, high thermal efficiency, energy-saving effect, saving 30% to 60% higher than the general drying device

Model GZQ3×303×456×45
Machine Dimensions(mm)3505×890×18285005×1116×18285005×1316×1939
Fluidized Bed Size(mm)3000×272×1504500×272×1504500×558×150


Model GZQ6×609×60
Machine Dimensions(mm)6510×1452×19506510×2000×2120
Fluidized Bed Size(mm)6000×558×1506000×864×150


Model GZR9×7512×7515×75
Machine Dimensions(mm)8020×2100×21608020×2400×27428120×2636×2940
Fluidized Bed Size(mm)7485×864×1507485×1160×1507485×1458×150

Fifth, use and examples

The product is new drying equipment vibration fluidized principles of design, with high efficiency, excellent performance characteristics, suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, light and food, seeds, beverages, slag, alcohol, matches, fertilizer and other industries powder, dry granular material, cooling and other operations.

Examples of typical materials dry conditions

Material nameMaterial statusDry before the water %Dry after the water %8.1 hours capacity kg/h
Citric acidGrain50.5200-2000
Boric acidGranule50.3500-5000
Ammonium NitrateGranule2.350.1400-2000
Ammonium chlorideGranule40.1600-60000
Oxalic acidGranule6.20.1500-3500
Sodium SaccharinGranule1714.3350-2000
Organic fertilizerSpherical10.55.5500-3500
Potassium permanganateGranule50.1500-2500
Soybean mealFlakes16.812.51000-12000
Sesame seedsGranular17.63.980-500
Activated CarbonGranular406.8120-620
Distiller's grainsGranular5610.550-1000
Fracturing sandGranule100.1900-4500
Plastic white ballGrain120.1150-800
Thiourea dioxideGrain50.04150-1000
Feed yeastGranule36.2610450-2000

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